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Eyes of Many Truths

Photography Dimitris Zarkadas
Community is what takes place always through others and for others.
It is not the space of the egos—subjects and substances that are at bottom immortal—but of the I’s, who are always others (or else are nothing)
Jean-Luc Nancy

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TEDxYouth@Academy: Zafiris Politis

Dr. Zafiris Politis, R&D Director. Zafiris Politis is a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He received his PhD in Robotics from the University of Oxford and his MSc in Signal Processing and Machine Intelligence from the University of Surrey.

Prior to joining Raycap, he worked as a Research Associate in the Control Systems Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens from 2000 to 2002.

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TEDxYouth@Academy: Ευάγγελος Κυριακού

Δημιουργός του “cherries on line”. Κατάγεται από την Έδεσσα της Μακεδονίας στην Β.Ελλάδα. Είναι επικεφαλής των τμημάτων Πολιτιστικού Τουρισμού & Περιβάλλοντος της ΔΗΚΕ Δήμου Εδεσσας.

Διδάσκει και παρουσιάζει παραδείγματα για τον εναλλακτικό τουρισμό και τοπική ανάπτυξη σε σεμινάρια και συνέδρια του Εθνικού Κέντρου Δημόσιας Διοίκησης. Στο χώρο της έρευνας έχει συμμετάσχει σε προγράμματα της Δ.Ευρώπης (Ισπανία, Γαλλία, Βέλγιο) με αντικείμενο την Ευρωπαιική Βιομηχανική Πολιτιστική Κληρονομιά τα eco-museums και σε προγράμματα στην Ν.Α. Ευρώπη (Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Italy, Spain) με αντικείμενο τον Αγροτουρισμό και τον Πολιτιστικό Τουρισμό.

Τα τελευταία χρόνια είναι υπεύθυνος έκδοσης στους δικτυακούς τόπους που προβάλλουν τον προορισμό Έδεσσα & Ορεινή Πέλλα, www.edessacity.gr, and www.visitpella.gr.

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TEDxYouth@Academy: Argyris Papadimitropoulos

Studied Media & Film in the UK and in Greece. In 2003 he directed his first short “Pendulum”, which won awards in Greek and International festivals. In 2004 he directed his second short film “Tender”, which garnered numerous awards and gave him the passport for Berlinale’s Talent Campus.

In 2008, Argyris made his first feature film “Bank Bang”, which became a major commercial and critical hit, with 450.000 BO admissions and rave reviews from all the Press. The film also won the First Time Director Award from the Hellenic Film Academy.

In 2011 his second feature “Wasted Youth” (co-directed by Jan Vogel) was chosen to open the 40th Rotterdam International film festival. Since then the film is invited to some of the most important festivals around the world, such as Guadalajara in Mexico, BAFICI in Argentina, Munich in Germany, Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic to name a few.

TEDxYouth@Academy: Χάρης Σκαφτούρος

Ο Χάρης έζησε στην Ελλάδα και στο Εξωτερικό που είχε σαν αποτέλεσμα να αφομοιώσει διαφορές “κουλτούρες” και οπτικές ζωής. Σπούδασε ναυπηγική στο ΕΜΠ και εργάστηκε στη ναυτιλία για 2 χρόνια, όπου και αποφάσισε να ασχοληθεί επαγγελματικά με το πάθος του το snowboard.

Ασχολήθηκε εμπορικά μαζί του για 5 χρόνια μέχρι που συνειδητοποίησε πως το εμπόριο δεν είναι αυτό που τον συγκινεί.

Όντας τριαθλητής κατά το παρελθόν, στα μέσα του 2007 αποφάσισε να βάλει το ποδήλατο στην καθημερινότητά του.

Η αγάπη του για αυτό τον έφερε 4 χρόνια μετά, να διευθύνει την πρώτη εταιρεία Courier με ποδήλατο στην Αθήνα.

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TEDxYouth@Academy: Tassos Argyros

Tasso (Tassos) Argyros is President of the Aster Data division at Teradata Corp, a Fortune 500 company and Data Management leader. Tasso was the founder of Aster Data, a Silicon Valley startup that within 5 years became the leader in the Big Data space and was subsequently acquired by Teradata Corp.

Tasso was recognized as one of Bloomberg BusinessWeek's Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs for 2009 and as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2010. He is active as an angel investor and advisor in several technology startups. Prior to Aster Data, he was in the PhD program at Stanford University where he earned a MS in Computer Science before dropping out to start his company. He holds a Diploma in Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens

TEDxYouth@Academy: Paul Evmorfidis

Ο Paul Efmorfidis είναι μια πολυδιάστατη, πολυτάλαντη και δημιουργική προσωπικότητα. Με σπουδές στην Γυμαναστική Ακαδημία, τα Οικονομικά και την Δημοσιογραφία, μιλάει 7 γλώσσες (Αγγλικά, Γερμανικά, Γαλλικά, Ολλανδικά, Ιταλικά, Ισπανικά και Πορτογαλικά) και έχει ζήσει και εργαστεί για πολλά χρόνια στην Ευρώπη.

Το 1989 δημιούργησε με έδρα την Ελλάδα και με διεθνείς δραστηριότητες την πολυβραβευμένη εταιρία CocoMat που πέρα από εταιρία πρεσβεύει και μια νέα φιλοσοφία ζωής και επιχειρείν. Ο πυρήνας του είναι η οικογένειά του -τα τέσσερα παιδιά του και η γυναίκα του- από τους οποίους αντλεί έμπνευση και ηρεμία. Παραμένει αιώνιος λάτρης της φυσικής άσκησης.

TEDxYouth@Academy: Μιχάλης Τσιγκένης

Ο Μιχάλης από το Ηράκλειο Κρήτης, στα 22 του χρόνια άφησε την σιγουριά της δουλειάς του στον τουρισμό και ασχολήθηκε με την μελισσοκομία.

Αρχικά από τις σημειώσεις του παππού του, που ήταν μελισσοκόμος στο νησί, και στην συνέχεια έγινε αυτοδίδακτος μελισσουργός αγοράζοντας τις πρώτες 5 του μέλισσες!

Σήμερα, 12 χρόνια μετά ο Μιχάλης είναι επαγγελματίας μελισσοκόμος. Παράγει μέλι καθώς και άλλα προϊόντα της κυψέλης όπως βασιλικός πολτός ,γύρη πρόπολη. Επίσης εκτρέφει και παράγει γονιμοποιημένες βασίλισσες.

Ο Μιχάλης τόλμησε κάτι διαφορετικό με κινητήρια δύναμη την αγάπη του για φύση και το πάθος του για τις μέλισσες.

Ζει με την γυναίκα του και τα παιδιά του στην Κρήτη.

TEDxYouth@Academy: Tasos Flambouras

Tasos Flambouras is the cofounder and Vice President of Aventurine SA, the largest game development studio in Greece. He's a Producer of Darkfall Online, a successful Massive Multiplayer Online Game operating in 190 countries worldwide, and the Executive Producer of Amnesty-the Game, a serious game developed by volunteer members of the HGDA, supporting Amnesty International's efforts to abolish the death penalty.

Tasos has extensive experience in online community building and management, social media and networks, and in the gaming industry. He has participated in the creation and growth of some of the largest online communities on the internet and he frequently lends his expertise to causes he believes in.

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TEDxYouth@Academy: Simanta Das

Starting Up your Business IDEA
Simanta Das is Physicist, founder and Chairman of Stalhmarg Capital in Netherlands and Ayursundra HealthCare Group in India. Simanta is focusing on creating long term sustainable solutions through effective use of capital in Healthcare, Technology, Renewable Energy and Tacit Knoweldge Services. He is also developing a HealthCare delivery solution in India, to make quality healthcare affordable by enhancing efficiency and improving productivity, to include the less privileged. Simanta has been the Chief Strategy and Technology Officer for Kempen Merchant Bank and the Global Head of the Healthcare Innovation Group, Investment Banking at ABN AMRO in the Netherlands. He remains an eternal student of Physics, Philsophy and Logic having studied Experimental High Energy Physics.

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TEDxYouth@Academy : Jeff Leiken

Whose dream are you living?

Jeffrey Leiken, MA, is the creator of Evolution Mentoring™ and Mentor Counseling® and is an internationally recognized expert in the field of helping teens and young adults build substantial, thriving lives.


life beyond stereotypes

20 Νοεμβρίου 2011
The HUB Αλκμήνης 5, Πετράλωνα

Περισσότεροι από 10 ομιλητές από την Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό συνομιλούν με τους νέους στο πλαίσιο του TEDx Youth@Academy, που θα πραγματοποιηθεί στις 20 Νοεμβρίου στο The HUB (Αλκμήνης 5, Κάτω Πετράλωνα).

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The Generosity Factor

What would happen if you said “yes” to every single person that asked you for money? Foolish, absurd,  ridiculous idea, isn’t it – especially in this awkward climate of instability and uncertainty?

Read more at yehisate.com

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Guest post: Simanta Das on the Greek debt worries

Following our previous post on project "Eureca", Simanta Das, TEDxAcademy 2010 speaker, shares his thoughts about the debt crisis.

Solutions are available, and they represent a collection of solutions discussed over the last few months succinctly. By no means are these easy. However, what triggers my thought, is the current implication by both Media and Finance, the two most powerful industries at the moment, that there is no way out. Which is not true.

Media, because fear sells, and finance which is greedy. Both are required to shake Greece out of its stupor, but now that Greece is awake, it is necessary to bring it back to balance. Talk about solutions, albeit difficult.

Some will argue, that if by putting in 10% of the deficit, it reduces so many problems, the China could have written a check. Well  the issue is not the check, but the implications of it (in the 80's there was a huge talk about Sugar mountains and Wine lakes in Europe, while there were people starving). What is happening is normal economics. Now if the Media and Financial markets would stop selling fear, we could get a move on. How else do you explain, that the 'fear' of Greek default of $440 billion has wiped out $2,4 Trillion dollars of value, almost five times as much in the Equity markets.  

Economies have survived, far worse than this, Both Brazil, Argentina and proof of this, albeit their problems were slightly different. What remains true, is that Greece has an economy, both industrial and service based.  The question is to ask, what can be done to ignite innovation?

Is "Eureca" project a solution for Greece and Europe?

During the last few days many Greek media reported on Roland Berger's "Eureca" project, which emerged as a possible solution for the European and Greek debt crisis.

The project is outlined in a 15-steps executive summary proposing among others the full privatization of the Greek public sector and a stimulus program valued 20 bn euros in order to restart the economy. TEDxAcademy does not endorse or reject these proposals, however we believe that the project itself can ignite a fruitful conversation, and in order to start things up we publish the executive summary on "Eureca" project here.

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A Look at EYES OF TRUTH Photograher, Stavros Makris’, Inside Out Experience

Based in Athens, Greece, and with a background in biology and paleontology, I started traveling the world about a decade ago. Combining a passion for adventure with the curiosity my parents instilled in me from a very young age, it was almost impossible to stay put. Twelve years and 51 countries later, I still find myself addicted to traveling, amazed by the complexity of our nature, the vast differences (and surprising similarities) of various cultures and the immense beauty of the natural world. Trying to find a suitable way to communicate my thoughts and feelings while on the Road, I “stumbled” upon photography. Up until now it remains a near perfect medium to tell my stories.

Read more at blog.meld.cc

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Dr. Joseph Riggio: From success to total satisfaction

Dr. Joseph Riggio introduces you to the idea of moving individuals to a position of total satisfaction that goes beyond success.

TEDxAcademy 2011: Panagiota Vlachou

Vlachou Panagiota after having studied foreign languages at the university of Athens and having worked mainly as an Italian teacher, she decided to follow her instinct, her love for nature and in 2007 she changed her career and she co-founded Fereikos-Helix as the Greek representative of International Institute of Snail Farming.

The company’s headquarters are based in Corinth-Greece and deal with open air snail farming in full biological cycle globally and gourmet snail products.

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A few things I learned about social design

By Adital Ela

Last week I decided to dedicate my weekend to volunteering in building mud houses in a Bedouin village in the Negev desert in Israel. The weekend was organized by an NGO that works in this village. Surprisingly enough, the weekend turned out to be a huge lesson in how NOT TO DO aid projects, and how easy it is to create more harm than benefit when you don’t address a process humble enough to be a mediator rather than a “trend setter”..

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TEDxAcademy 2011 speaker, Joseph Riggio: The Hero's Journey to transform your life

Joseph Riggio is the architect and developer of the Mythogenic Self™ Process and an international figure in the professional NLP™ and hypnosis communities. Joseph is renown in his capacity of insight to what motivates people to action, both personally and professionally, and his ability to organize the means to articulate the specific messages that will move these individuals to actually taking action.

TEDxAcademy 2011 speaker, Kostas Mallios: The Value of Ideas

Kostas Mallios is at the forefront of technology’s latest journey, creating new paths for software and services across the digital landscape. Mr. Mallios is a Vice President at Intellectual Ventures working on defining and building new IP based businesses.

Kostas Mallios' bio

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Μια -καθόλου συνηθισμένη- βραδιά στην Οπερα

Αυτό που συνέβη στις 12 Μαρτίου 2011 στην Οπερα της Ρώμης ήταν αναπάντεχο.

Περισσότεροι από 1.300 θεατές τραγούδησαν μαζί με τη χορωδία το, ίσως, πιο αγαπητό και γεμάτο συμβολισμούς κομμάτι όπερας για τους Ιταλούς, στέλνοντας ταυτόχρονα ένα ηχηρό μήνυμα στην όχι και τόσο ευαίσθητη για τις Τέχνες κυβέρνηση της χώρας. Αλλά ας πάρουμε τα πράγματα από την αρχή και όπως αποτυπώθηκαν σε μεγάλες εφημερίδες του πλανήτη.

"Eyes of Truth", a parallel event to TEDxAcademy, participates in JR’s TED Prize Wish: the Inside Out Project

When TED Prize winner, JR, announced his wish to turn the world “Inside Out,” inviting people around the globe to share a photo portrait along with a statement about what they stand for, MELD | Athens decided to participate. MELD | Athens invited six Greek photographers, including Adamantios Kafetzis, Alexandros Voutsas, Ioanna Ralli, Ryme63/StateOfMind, Stavros Makris and Yiannis Chiotopoulos to donate their time to create face-toface portraits of children from privileged and un-privileged social backgrounds living in Athens. These portraits will be posted as diptychs in public spaces in central Athens on October 15, 2011 as a parallel event as part of TEDxAcademy, which will take place on October 10, 2011.

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Monocle News Report: Good in a crisis

Greece’s finances are in a dire state, and its government under pressure. The latest EU bailout package has staved off economic collapse for now, but unemployment is at a record high and many Greeks are feeling the effects. In Athens though, there’s a group of people busy at work, moving forward despite the situation, starting creative enterprises and cultural centres – even new hotels.

Watch the story at Monocle website.

Stathis Kalyvas - The Greek Perestroika: Learning from How We Got Here

Although it is impossible to make predictions about the outcome of the present crisis, it is often easy to forget that every crisis, no matter how deep, has an end. What will Greece be like when it gets out of it? It will certainly be poorer, but will it be healthier? The only way is to
learn from our current predicament and reject the things that got us here in the first place.

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Ο Γ. Βαρουφάκης γράφει για το ευρω-ομόλογο

Eurobonds: Not a question of ‘whether’ but one of ‘who will issue them’ and ‘who will back them

Ever since the Crisis erupted, Europe’s leaders have reacted to the suggestion that eurobonds are sine qua non with a familiar repertoire of responses. First came denial of the need for eurobonds, coupled with a snub for those who proposed them.

Διαβάστε περισσότερα στο yanisvaroufakis.eu

Πάσχος Μανδραβέλης: Η επίπονη παραγωγική αναδιάρθρωση

Η μεγάλη κουβέντα που ανακυκλώνεται τον τελευταίο καιρό είναι η «παραγωγική αναδιάρθρωση της χώρας». Πρέπει να γίνει διότι μεγαλύτερο και από το δημοσιονομικό έλλειμμα είναι το πρόβλημα του ελλείμματος τρεχουσών συναλλαγών. Το έλλειμμα αυτό είχε φτάσει το 2008 στα 35 δισ. ευρώ.

Διαβάστε περισσότερα στο medium.gr

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2o TEDxAcademy - Step Forward

Ενα χρόνο μετά την πρώτη του διοργάνωση στην ελληνική πρωτεύουσα το TedxAcademy επιστρέφει στην Αθήνα με θέμα “Step Forward”. Το 2ο TedxAcademy στην Ελλάδα συνεχίζει το νέο τρόπο συζήτησης, προβληματισμού και ανταλλαγής απόψεων που ξεκίνησε πέρυσι, σε μια εξαιρετικά σημαντική στιγμή για την ίδια τη χώρα.

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2ο TEDxAcademy: Οι εγγραφές άρχισαν

Οι εγγραφές για το 2ο Tedxacademy, που πραγματοποιείται στις 10 Οκτωβρίου 2011 στο Μουσείο Μπενάκη, κτίριο οδού Πειραιώς, ξεκίνησαν. Επισκεφθείτε τη διεύθυνση www.tedxacademy.com για να δηλώσετε συμμετοχή. Οι θέσεις είναι περιορισμένες γι' αυτό μην αργείτε!